Start a Syndicate on FanClub.

Utilize FanClub’s out-of-the-box investment tools to start your own Syndicate. Privately or socially raise from a select group of professional & accredited investors.

Get access to seamless syndication tools to enable instant SPV creation, deal sharing, and fully-regulated compliance. FanClub's back office handles audit, securities filing, tax, and K-1 distributions.

Raise capital in a way that is effortless, social, and accessible. You handle your ownership. We handle the rest.

  • Majority & Minority Owners

    Receive liquidity on existing shares or bid fornew clubs

  • Multi-Club Models

    Raise financing to grow your portfolio of clubs

  • Private Equity & Family Offices

    Lower risk and enhance bids with access to additional LPs

  • Athletes & Celebrities

    Capture social audience as investors for a sports bid

  • Venture-led Deals

    Expand into a new asset class or target new sports IP

  • Investment Collectives

    Leverage community & coordinate capital for sports ownership