Democratizing Access to Investing in Professional Sports

FanClub is a community of sports fans and the world's most prestigious private investors seeking sports as the next frontier in alternative asset investing

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  • FanClub Syndicates

    Syndicates are pop-up online sports funds. They are structured as special-purpose vehicles that aggregate accredited investors for the purpose of investing in a single sports team or league. FanClub invests these funds in select sports opportunities

  • FanClub Crowdsales

    FanClub Crowdsales sell direct investment interest in sports teams and leagues to retail investors through our partnership with a FINRA registered broker dealer. Sales are marketed across teams socials and global fanbases to create a engaging and memorable experience for teams

  • FanClub NFTs & DAOs

    FanClub NFTs & DAOs utilize the power of web 3.0 to create a next-generation ownership layer to manage fan communities, provide unique benefits, and leverage true capital formation via the crowd

  • FanClub Stadium Sales

    FanClub Stadium Sales sell direct investment interest in sports stadiums to retail investors through our partnership with a FINRA registered broker dealer. Own a piece of some of the most iconic and hallowed grounds of live sports.

  • FanClub College Boosters

    FanClub Booster Sales enable college sports fans to support teams and athletics departments through the sale of NFT memberships and donations of financial resources which help student-athletes succeed on the playing field.

  • FanClub Athlete Funds

    FanClub Athlete Funds enable the fans to help minor league players transition to the Major Leagues by providing funding via a financially beneficial platform for both players and fans. Bet on the game's biggest stars and share in their success on the big-stage.

Sports as an Asset Class

Large private equity firms and sovereign wealth funds have taken an interest in sports as an investment