FanClub's mission is to make sports ownership accessible for everyone. 

Sports ownership has always been an exclusive club. FanClub breaks down these barriers offering ownership access and privileges for investors of all types while providing teams access to the liquidity they so desperately need during these unprecedented times. 

FanClub is a sports investment community and platform that democratizes access to investing in pro sports. We provide team owners & LPs with financing and liquidity while giving fans and investors a chance to own their favourite team. 


FanClub provides teams with innovative liquidity solutions and works with management and ownership to structure investment from FanClub and solicit long term capital from sports fans as well as private equity funds, family offices, high-net worth individuals, and other institutions. 

We believe fans are the true backbone of any franchise. Sports teams are woven into the fabric of local communities and only exist because of their undying passion and support.


As loyal sports fans ourselves, FanClub has been built by fans, for fans, as the easiest and most convenient way of allowing the diehards to personally own pieces of their favourite clubs to share in both their sporting and financial success. 

Join the Club.